Gallo Equipment - Taylor TS9972  Reach Stacker 99,000lbsGallo Equipment - Taylor T300S  Lift Truck 30,000lbs @ 24inGallo Equipment - Taylor TX520M  Lift Truck 52,000lbs @ 48inGallo Equipment - Taylor TX360L  Lift Truck 36,000lbs @ 24inGallo Equipment - TAYLOR T650L  Lift Truck 65,000lbs @ 48inGallo Equipment - Taylor TE155s  Lift Truck 15,500lbs @ 24inGallo Equipment - Taylor TX360M  Lift Truck 36,000lbs @ 24inGallo Equipment - Taylor XC350L  Lift Truck 30,000lbs @ 24inGallo Equipment - Taylor THC400L Cushion Lift Truck 40,000lbs @ 30inGallo Equipment - Taylor TE650L  Lift Truck 65,000lbs @ 48inGallo Equipment - Taylor TXH350L Pneumatic Lift Truck 35,000lbs @ 48inGallo Equipment - Taylor TX360L  Lift Truck 36000lbs @ 24"Gallo Equipment - Taylor TC520 Cushion Lift Truck 52,000lbs @ 36inGallo Equipment - Taylor TE650L Pneumatic Lift Truck 65,000lbs @ 48inGallo Equipment - Taylor TCO400L  Lift Truck 40,000lbs @ 30inGallo Equipment - Taylor THD160 Pneumatic Lift Truck 16,000lbs @ 24inGallo Equipment - Taylor TE520M  Lift Truck 52,000lbs @ 48inGallo Equipment - Taylor TCO180 Cushion Lift Truck 18,000lbs @ 24in

Taylor heavy-duty large forklifts, Taylor lift trucks in stock new and used equipment

Current Rental Inventory List

  Stock Make Model Year Type Capacity Mast Carriage Engine
  G2415 Taylor TS9972 2012 Reach Stacker 99,000lbs 5-High 20-40 Spreader Cummins
  G2058 Taylor T300S 2007 Lift Truck 30,000lbs @ 24in 11' Ultra-VU 100in Side Shift Cummins
  G2285 Taylor TX520M 2010 Lift Truck 52,000lbs @ 48in 11' 2-stage 100in Side Shift Cummins
  G2317 Taylor TX360L 2011 Lift Truck 36,000lbs @ 24in 15' Ultra-VU 100in Side Shift Cummins
  G2357 TAYLOR T650L 2006 Lift Truck 65,000lbs @ 48in 15' Ultra-VU 120in wide Cummins
  G2152 Taylor TE155s 1993 Lift Truck 15,500lbs @ 24in 15' 2-Stage 60" Side Shift Cummins
  G2409 Taylor TX360M 2012 Lift Truck 36,000lbs @ 24in 11' Ultra-VU 100in Side Shift Cummins
  G2401 Taylor XC350L 2011 Lift Truck 30,000lbs @ 24in 91in 2-Stage S/S and FP GM 5.7L V8 LPG
  G2419 Taylor THC400L 2006 Lift Truck 40,000lbs @ 30in 99in Lift Height 68in GM 5.7L V8 LPG
  G1569 Taylor TE650L 2003 Lift Truck 65,000lbs @ 48in 12' 2-stage 120in Wide Cummins
  G2314 Taylor TXH350L 2008 Lift Truck 35,000lbs @ 48in 11' Ultra-VU 100in Side Shift Cummins
  G2338 Taylor TX360L 2011 Lift Truck 36000lbs @ 24" 11' Ultra-VU 100in Side Shift Cummins
  G2012 Taylor TC520 1987 Lift Truck 52,000lbs @ 36in 100in Lift 80.5in Wide GM 471 Diesel
  G1633 Taylor TE650L 2002 Lift Truck 65,000lbs @ 48in 11' 2-stage 120in side shift Cummins
  G2243 Taylor TCO400L 1994 Lift Truck 40,000lbs @ 30in 10' 2-Stage 60in Side Shift Ford 460 LPG
  G2154 Taylor THD160 1994 Lift Truck 16,000lbs @ 24in 15' Ultra-VU 60in Side Shift Cummins
  G2355 Taylor TE520M 1998 Lift Truck 52,000lbs @ 48in 18' 2-Stage 100" Side Shift Cummins
  G1351 Taylor TCO180 1996 Lift Truck 18,000lbs @ 24in 96in 2-stage 52.5in wide Cummins